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Penn State joins $72 million NASA consortium to study Earth system science

November 11, 2021

Penn State News

Illinois Now Boasts the 'Most Equitable' Climate Law in America. What will that mean?"

September 17, 2021

Chicago Sun-Times, Inside Climate News

Making Climate Policy Models More Relevant

July 27, 2021

Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Environment

How We Talk About Energy:

Letter from Penn State engineers highlights how better energy literacy can help combat climate change

January 26, 2021

Penn State News

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Growing Impact

Ep. 5.

A Guide to


July 1, 2021

Resources Radio

Ep. 135: Integrating the Real World into Climate Policy Models

June 29, 2021

Nature Podcast

Ep. 253.

Calculating Carbon (starting at 22:35)

December 9, 2020