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I am an assistant professor at Princeton University, with a joint appointment between the Princeton School of Public and International Affairs and the Andlinger Center for Energy and the Environment.


My research uses computational models to quantify difficult tradeoffs of climate policy across social, political, and environmental aspects. My research has been published in Nature, Nature Climate Change, Nature Sustainability, PNAS among others, and has been featured in national and local media such as PBS and NPR. I also currently serve as a co-author of the Fifth National Climate Assessment. 


My group currently focus on two main projects:


(1) Political Economy in Integrated Assessment Modeling (PE-IAM): Incorporate political economy insights into energy system modeling to better represent social and political realities;

(2) Health Effects of Deep Decarbonization (HEALED): Identify features of energy strategies that can yield robust health benefits given deep future uncertainties.


Prior to joining Princeton, I was an assistant professor of international affairs and civil and environmental engineering at the Penn State University. I received my PhD degree in Science, Technology and Environmental Policy from Princeton University and my bachelors degree in Environmental Science from Peking University, China. I was also a Giorgio Ruffolo Post-Doctoral Fellow and a Research Associate at the Harvard Kennedy School.

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