I am looking for motivated undergraduate, master, PhD students and visiting scholars to join my team at Penn State. 

I am planning to recruit 1-2 motivated PhD students through the Environmental Engineering program to start in Fall 2019 (application deadline: Dec 31, 2018).

I especially look for students who are interested in interdisciplinary research that uses quantitative models to inform energy and environmental policy in both emerging markets (e.g. China and India) and advanced economy (U.S.):

  • State- and locally-driven climate action to simultaneously address local priorities (e.g. clean air and water, public health, jobs)

  • Air quality and health impacts of energy activities

  • Energy infrastructure development and the resulting synergies/tradeoffs between air quality, water and climate objectives.

Prior knowledge on air pollution modeling, health impact assessment, integrated assessment modeling or energy systems modeling would be valuable but not required. If you are interested, please send me a note before applying to discuss your interest, and include in the email a) your CV, b) specific topics you want to work on and why, c) how would you contribute to our team, and d) a brief summary of your research experience and skills.

Full Description in PDF


If you have a good quantitative background, are excited by research, and interested to learn new skills, I would be eager to bring you on board for our ongoing projects, or develop a new project with you. You are encouraged to familiarize yourself with some of the projects we have completed in the past to get an idea of the type of work we do. Please then send me an email with a one-page memo summarizing your research interests and the skills you have/hope to learn.


We are always eager to work with master students in the School of International Affairs. We are looking for research assistants on the following topics:

  • Quantitative data analysis for the project to evaluate how the financial markets perceive and manage climate risks. Proficiency with STATA/R/Python would be valuable to process financial and climate data. 

  • Op-ed/blog writing to distill the academic findings from my group for a wider readership. Great communication and writing skills preferred. See a blog example I published with the Wilson Center. For mandarin speakers, we may need help to manage our wechat official account as well.

Co-authorship may be possible depending on the form of collaboration. If interested, please send me an email with you resume/CV, as well as a brief summary of your quantitative skills (Project a) and writing skills (Project b).


We welcome motivated visiting students/scholars to join us in the Happy Valley. While I don't have funding at the moment to sponsor visitors, I would be happy to host you if you can be funded by your own institutions or other sources.

Please send me your CV and research plan for further discussions (for students, also include transcripts, and one letter of recommendation from your adviser).