Assistant Professor

School of International Affairs & Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering

Penn State University 

Email: weipeng@psu.edu       Phone: 814-865-9408

Address: 228 Lewis Katz (SIA) or 219B Sackett (CEE), University Park, PA 16802

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Recent Publications

Dr. Peng will co-convene a session at the AGU 2020 virtual meeting on "GC094: Sustainable Energy Transitions in the Developing Word"

December 14, 2020

More information: AGU Website

Webinar by Dr. Peng: Understanding the link between RGGI, air quality, and health outocmes

October 16, 2020

Recording link available here!

Our project on "Climate Change and Migration: Towards and Interdisciplinary Framework" is selected for funding from the Penn State Center for Security Research and Education

June 30, 2020

More information: Penn State News

Our project on "Identifying robust near-term renewable energy policies to ensure a healthy and climate-friendly future" is selected for seed grand funding from the Penn State Institute for Computational and Data Sciences

May 6, 2020

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January 2021

"Clean air actions in China, PM2.5 exposure, and household medical expenditures: A quasi-experimental study".
T Xue, T Zhu, W Peng, T Guan, S Zhang, Y Zheng, G Geng, Q Zhang. PLOS Medicine. 

December 2020

"Trade-offs for equitable climate policy assessed".
W Peng. Nature 

October 2020

"Energy Use for Electricity Generation Requires an Assessment more Directly Relevant to Climate Change". Logan, B., R Rossi, G Baek, L Shi, J O’Connor, W PengACS Energy Letters

August 2020

"The Critical Role of Policy Enforcement in Achieving Health, Air Quality and Climate Benefits from India’s Clean Electricity Transition". Peng, W., HC Dai, H Guo, P Purohit, J Urpelainen, F Wagner, YZ Wu, HL Zhang. Environmental Science & Technology

August 2020

"Potential Uses of Coal Methane in China and Associated Benefits for Air Quality, Health and Climate". Zhang, MY, S Jordaan, W Peng, Q Zhang, SM Miller. Environmental Science & Technology.

August 2020

"Enabling a Rapid and Just Transition Away from Coal in China". He, G., J Lin, Y Zhang, WH Zhang, G Larangeria, C Zhang, W Peng, MZ Liu, FZ Yang. One Earth.

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