• 1.

    Gasification of Coal and Biomass: A Net Negative-Carbon Power Source for Environmental Friendly Electricity Generation in China 

    Lu, X., L Cao, HK Wang, W Peng, J Xing, SX Wang, SY Cai, B Shen, Q Yang, CP Nielsen, MB McElroy. (PNAS, accepted)

  • 2.

    The Impact of Health Co-benefits on Optimal CO2 Mitigation Policy 

    Scovronick, N., M Budolfson, F Dennig, F Errickson, M Fleurbaey, W Peng, RH Socolow, D Spears, F Wagner. (Nature Communications, accepted)

  • 3.

    Air Quality, Health and Climate Implications of Replacing Small Solid-fuel Heating Stoves with Gas or Electric Heating in China

    Yang, JN., Y Qin, W Peng, DL Mauzerall. (submitted)

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